agentur von b

since the millennium

If you want to cope with digital transformation, it’s not only business models you have to redefine, but ‘brands’ too. Relationships with the various stakeholders are just as important to the successful development of a company as relevant messages, positioning as media experts and coordinated interaction of communication measures. Owner-managed agency von b. has been developing its integrated communication strategies since 2000 – based on content-driven communication and convergence. Whether it’s brand development for market launch or optimising an existing brand, the team takes an personalised approach for each and every client, in order to successfully reach the target groups. Because one thing is certain: “One size fits all” is a thing of the past.


Services overview

Strategic Consultation

The long-term success of a brand relies on a working strategy: von b. develops integrated communication concepts.

Media Relations

The task of any communicator is successful dialogue with journalists. Preparing information for mass media editors requires proven expertise.

Corporate Publishing

Who needs expensive ad placements in newspapers and magazines when companies can become communicators themselves.

Website & Social Media

A company's website is the first point of contact for a potential client – relevant content and responsive design are indispensable today.

Corporate Design

The corporate design builds formal parentheses with colours, shapes, typography, combinations of copy and images and visual presence signals.

Creative Campaigns

Ideas, products and institutions are constantly battling for attention. A good creative campaign not only attracts attention, but also inspires.